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Harvey Weinstein skewered by late-night TV hosts: ‘You mean the walker didn’t work?’

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Convicted rapist Harvey Weinstein now faces five to 25 years in prison – and a life sentence of ridicule on the late-night talk show circuit.

The Daily Show host Trevor Noah and Late Night helmer Seth Meyers held nothing back while skewering the sex offender on their respective programs Monday night, lampooning Weinstein’s looks, his self-reported health issues and more.

Harvey Weinstein is now the butt of late night TV jokes.


Harvey Weinstein is now the butt of late night TV jokes.

Their scathing quips came hours after a New York jury found the disgraced movie mogul guilty of rape and a felony sex crime.

“Yes, people, it’s official: Harvey Weinstein is going to prison,” Noah joked, “Which is crazy because he already looks like he’s been in prison for 25 years.”

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Meyers wasn’t too impressed with Weinstein’s appearance either, honing in on his most recently added accessory: a walker – which many skeptics have speculated to be a prop to garner sympathy during his trial.

“Ah, you mean the walker didn’t work?” Meyers said sarcastically.

“As a legal strategy, he’s really going to have to step it up at sentencing and just arrive in a hearse.”

Nothing was off limits on the Daily Show, where Noah even managed to squeeze in a dig at the condemned Weinstein Co.’s film catalogue.

“Seriously, Weinstein is not going to do well in prison, partly because other prisoners already don’t like sex offenders,” he said.

“But they really don’t like some of Harvey Weinstein’s movies. Yeah, they’re going to come up to him in the prison yard, like, ‘I wasted $9 on Mansfield Park. That … was a disgrace to Jane Austen.'”

Before moving onto his next bit about the coronavirus outbreak (“another plague on humanity”), Noah brought things full circle by looping in a second Hollywood heavyweight turned convicted sex offender: Bill Cosby.

“You know what would be funny, is if they lock up Weinstein in the same cell as Bill Cosby,” the comic quipped.

“Because I can tell you that no one is falling asleep in that cell. ‘You go to sleep!’ ‘No, you go to sleep!’ ‘No, you go to sleep!'”

Stay tuned for more late-night Weinstein bashing as the Rikers Island inmate is faced with four counts of rape and sexual battery charges in Los Angeles.

– Los Angeles Times

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