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A handy guide to how to use the Carbonana.


A handy guide to how to use the Carbonana.

It’s one of the more uncomfortable side-effects of air travel, and a company in the UK believes it has found a solution – tackling flatulence at 30,000 feet.

Introducing the “Carbonana” from Shreddies (not the cereal), this unusual banana-shaped product is designed “to sit between the buttocks and absorb gasses before they escape your underwear”.

It has been created with air travel in mind, because, and here comes the science part, passengers tend to be more gassy mid-flight.

A nude Carbonana.


A nude Carbonana.

The reason? Well, a team of researchers published an essay in the New Zealand Medical Journal back in 2013 explaining that the high altitude air pressure changes result in more gas building up in the belly.

‘Farting in rows 10 to 12’ writes desperate passenger
In-flight flatulence is ok

They likened it to the air in a water bottle which expands at higher altitudes, so similarly, the gas in your guts also expand on a plane.

The study, which was entitled Flatulence on Airplanes: Just Let It Go, warned against holding your toot flutes in.

Restraining gas leads to a raft of “significant drawbacks” for passengers, including discomfort, pain, bloating, indigestion, stress and heartburn”.

The Carbonana, which retails for over NZ$38, is lined with activated carbon cloth and is designed to filter out those flatulence odours. It comes in black and “nude”, and is machine washable. 

Handily, the company also says the product is “helping our customers avoid potential embarrassment clearing security scanners … the Carbonana can be placed in the hand luggage trays and worn once you’ve cleared security”.

Shreddies’ managing director Richard Woolley told LadBible: “This is a real game changer for air travel. It will improve passenger comfort for all on board.”

So now you can crop dust up and down the aisle to your heart’s content.

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