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We’re happy you’re here. The Viva Wellness blog is made by Rachel and Jor-El, who are authorized advisors, mentors, and all around boss individuals.

We needed a space where we could share our health ventures, just as drop a few diamonds of insight that we’ve learned en route in our own and expert lives. In any case, don’t be scared by the way that we do this professionally! We’re not here to set outlandish measures or show you an actual existence or schedule that consistently looks Instagram prepared. We’re really muddled once in a while as well.

We will probably be as real and open as conceivable in giving you that wellbeing doesn’t need to look a specific way. Indeed, our schedules are quite unique. Rachel is a sort A, fixated sprinter filled by matcha, loads of tidbits, and composed disarray. Jor-El is a quieting and tranquil nearness, constantly centered around being at the time and keeping up his zen. We balance each other out and push each other when vital, and we can hardly wait to impart everything to you.

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